Sunday, 28 April 2013

QPR aRe Relegated (also Reading)

The football gods dished out some justice today as Reading were relegated for being shit and QPR for being terrible at cheating.

The money of some very rich people wasn't enough to keep QPR's hopes of remaining in the Premier League alive and Reading couldn't find a way past Rob Green, forcing an incredibly boring 0-0 draw today.  This relegated both teams and my response to this is 'good'.  I am pleased.

Reading are completely pointless, QPR couldn't even buy their way into the league and their squad is full of absolute cunts.  The guy Fernandes seems like a nice chap, and that dude Clint Hill seems like he'd be good for a pint, but if anyone else in that whole team turned up for a beer somewhere they'd all try and get out of buying rounds and ask if we could go somewhere else because they heard there's this place in town that has this new cocktail and it's totally trendy there, and then you go and it's full of people you never want to talk to.  Except for Jamie Mackie who's just running around the building chasing empty packets of crisps incase he wins a keyring from one of them