Wednesday, 10 April 2013

People in Wigan don't watch Football

I wish Wigan would get relegated. Every year they get me excited and I think, "this is it, they are finally going down" - and then they win a bunch of games and stay up. People in Wigan don't even like football, judging by their Wembley ticket sales.

So far Wigan have only managed to sell 20,000 tickets,  which is 11,000 short of their allocated 31,000. For the first time in history, the FA will most likely be selling tickets to "neutral fans" - who for some reason might want to spunk £30 on a game they don't care about.

When you think of Wigan, you think of fat northern people drinking pints and watching rugby league. This weekend they will be playing against the mighty Millwall, in an FA Cup semi-final at Wembley. That's right, an FA Cup semi-final at wembley between Millwall and Wigan. One team famous for having the most aggressive fans in England, and the other team famous for having no fans at all. No doubt the Millwall fans will still find someone to fight, probably each other...or Danny Dyer

Millwall's "firm" starred in Green Street or Football Factory, I can't really remember which one as they kind of merge together. If I remember correctly, Frodo Baggins came back from Narnia with the guy from Sons of Anarchy to fight Danny Dyer and that guy who's always on Soccer AM? Who paid for that shit to be made?