Sunday, 14 April 2013

Newcastle fan punches a horse

That is a headline I never thought I'd write.

Not even our extensive pre-match analysis of Newcastle Vs Sunderland could have prepared us for what happened today. For 90 minutes Sunderland forgot they are really terrible and humped Newcastle 3-0. Understandably their fans weren't chuffed. Not so understandably, one of their fans decided to punch a horse.

Using a scarf for his cunning disguise, this typically fat geordie took his rage out on this poor equus ferus caballus or horse creature. First being made into Tesco burgers and now this? Where will it end for the horse population. I think horses are jerks, but I think most people are jerks and I don't go around punching them in the face or chest - I bravely mock them on Twitter instead.

However, what goes around comes around and this chap will probably be sharing a jail cell with a man called Randy Dave, who is hung like a horse. Think about that next time before you punch an animal you jabroni.