Monday, 1 April 2013

Neil Lennon is really bad at losing

Celtic have the best team by far in the SPL and so it's really funny when they don't win.  It's especially funny when they blame the referee, like they did this weekend

Neil Lennon was particularly unhappy with the referee's performance in his side's 1-1 draw with St Mirren and said this:
"That is by far the most appalling refereeing performance I've seen this season," he said. "For both sides.
"How he got so many big decisions wrong in one day is beyond me."
I like how he said 'both sides' so it doesn't seem like he's crying about it so much.  I didn't watch the game so have no idea if he's right or not, but when asked about the penalty that happened, he said this:
"It's a clear penalty, Samaras has handled the ball. How he doesn't see that and the linesman doesn't see it is beyond me.
"We're talking about the referee rather than the competitive nature of two good footballing teams.
"I haven't said anything insulting or called the referee's competence. I just thought he had an appalling game."
I dunno.... I mean he kind of is calling out the referee's competence by saying that his performance is the worst he's ever seen.  I tested this theory today by telling my girlfriend the same thing after sex and she just started crying and then moved out.  So thanks Neil Lennon.  You home wrecker.