Saturday, 6 April 2013

Neil Lennon is a fanny

Neil Lennon might be banned for up to three SPL games for calling the captain of St Mirren a 'fucking fanny'.  It's political correctness gone mad, mate

The Celtic manager hurled the abuse at the player during the 1-1 draw (I think) last weekend, maybe?  I've pretty much been smashed most days honestly for about two weeks which is why I've done barely any writing.  At least Jack has started writing again, did you guys notice that?  He's back!


There you can see Jim Goodwin suffer the horror of being called a fanny.
Well done Jim! Well done Jim, you’re a fucking hard man, eh? You fucking fanny. You fucking fanny
It's the kind of insult that haunts you.  Later that night Jim Goodwin would try to sleep but the repetition of 'you fucking fanny' played on loop in his mind, with a subtle bit of reverb and some echo, until his child walked into the room and said "daddy why are you crying" and then he said "because HE CALLED ME FAAAANNNNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY"