Thursday, 25 April 2013

Neil Lennon is angry, again

Neil Lennon is always pissed off, I'm not saying it's because he's quite short and ginger, but it might be. Today he's especially pissed off because no Celtic players were short-listed on the PFA Scotland Player of the Year.

Neil Lennon used words like "abysmal" and "unbelievable", in response to none of his players being nominated. The four players who received the most amounts of votes were Niall McGinn, Leigh Griffiths, Andrew Shinnie and Michael Higdon. I think that's fair enough really, considering they don't play for a team that should win every game 5-0. Apparently it's actually a conspiracy and everyone hates Celtic - that's only a half truth.
"There is a lot of ill will in the dressing room now. The players are very, very disappointed with the outcome. They have performed heroically."
Footballers are such a bunch of fannies. Winning Scotland Player of the Year is just below best sandwich at the made up FitbaThatba Awards. I do like the phrase "Ill will". It sounds like a rapper, like Will Smith if he signed for Death Row records and started singing songs about shooting people in the face, rather than lame shit like passing your exams and not becoming a drug dealer.