Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Mourinho and Falcao to Chelsea

Fresh out of the rumour oven is the news that Mourinho is heading back to Chelsea and his first signing will be Falcao. I hope this isn't true.

This has come from German newspaper Bild, not to be confused with the British Institute of Learning Difficulties. They are the same tabloid who broke the news that Gotze had signed for Bayern. Maybe tabloids in Germany have journalists that actually look to report real stories, and don't just make shit up or take pictures of slappers trying to become famous for having three-ways with Joleon Lescott and Martin Keown (I just made this up).

It's been reported that Mourinho agreed to resign for Chelsea back in February, I'm assuming Abramovic took him to Nandos for valentines day or something. Falcao's signature can be secured for a cool 60m Euros. That sounds expensive, but then you think that for 70m you could get two Andy Carrolls and then you realise that football is just mental.