Monday, 1 April 2013

Living with Paul Ince

Not so long ago Tom Ince was living the dream. Scoring goals for fun at Blackpool, linked to a move back to Liverpool, his own flat, money - it seemed like the sky was the limit. Then his Dad moved in.

Paul Ince likes to point out that he has a win percentage of 43%. I haven't actually checked that number but it sounds like a lie. In what sounds like a BBC3 sitcom, Tom's Dad, Paul has moved into the spare room in his flat. Desperate to hang on to his youth, I can imagine him joining his son on night's out and trying to be one of the lads. "Stop it Dad! You're embarrassing yourself!" - Tom shouts as his Dad films himself doing the Harlem shake in the living room.

See, there he is. I can guarantee Paul Ince has made himself on Fifa and slotted himself into the Blackpool Midfield, dropping his son to the bench. The good news for Thomas is that he will probably be off this summer to the Premier League. The bad news is Paul Ince will be his Dad for the rest of his life.