Monday, 8 April 2013

Lionel Messi vs Robot Goalie

Lionel Messi might be the best player the world has ever seen, but does that make him better than a robot?  Let's find out

The Barcelona forward was just minding his own business when a Japanese person invited him to take penalties against a robot goal keeper he'd made.

At first Messi seemed slightly sceptical about the whole thing, and he also thought it was quite racist because surely Japanese people do things other than build robots, harbour gigantic lizards that destroy cities and watch cartoon characters fuck each other.  Then he took a penalty

And you find out what happens in the video.  The thing really works though, which is cool.  It's no where near as cool as "goalie tree" of course.

What's goalie tree?  Oh just a little friend of ours we used to have when we played football down at the school park.  No-one wants to in goals because that sucks, so cunningly we took two branches from a tree and made a crucifix type shape, and hey presto, goalie tree was born.

He was shit

Here's Lionel Messi vs shark vs lion