Thursday, 11 April 2013

Leighton Baines is nice

I'm so used to ripping into footballers for being douche bags, that I'm not really sure how to go about writing this article. Leighton Baines did something that's actually really nice and proves not all footballers are Ashley Cole.

Not only has Leighton Baines been awesome for the last two seasons, he also looks like he could be in the Jam and gave a season ticket to a man whose wife died from cancer - what a thoroughly decent human being. 

Gordon McKee was nominated by his son for caring for his wife round the clock as she battled with cancer. Baines arrived at the house with an Everton shirt and a season ticket for next season. Obviously he whipped out the guitar and they all sang along to "Little Boy Soldiers". 

I'm sure other footballers have done equally nice gestures - however chances are if it had been John Terry it would have gone more like this -

"so this must be your lovely daughter?"
"no, that's my Great Auntie"
"she'll do - Ashley get your camera out OI OI!"