Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Joey Barton and Thiago Silva are friends

TWITTER WARS!  Ex-convict Joey Barton has been having an online battle against Brazilian defender Thiago Silva and that's more or less the story I'm about to drag out for another 200 words or so.

The PSG defender said this:
"I can hear a lot of people criticising the Selecao [Brazilian squad]," he told L'Equipe."
There is even a Marseille player, I can not remember his name, an Englishman, who has said bad things about Neymar, and Brazilian football, but also about Beckham and Ibra [Ibrahimovic]. As no one is talking about him, it seems fun to him to criticise great players for people to know he exists." 
It gives me much more desire to win to silence that Englishman. What does he know about Brazilian football? I don't remember having played against him in the national team" 
And as ever, in elegant fashion, Barton replied with a well thought and beautifully written piece, saying:
Thiago Silva. That the same pussy thats been injured all season. Another over rated Brazilian. Sort your hamstrings out FatBoy...
I like how being injured makes one of the best defenders in world football a pussy.  Then again the only injury Barton seems to have is in his brain, in the bit where it says 'you shouldn't try and punch someone to death outside a McDonalds'.  You know the one.  It's next to the bit that likes bacon.  Everyone has that bit.  Except vegans and scientists.