Saturday, 20 April 2013

Jay Bothroyd is a bellend

A lot our readers are youngsters and most likely virgins. If you ever wondered what an actual vagina looks like, wonder no more.

That kids, is a massive vagina. Jay Bothroyd showed off his new tattoo on Instagram, because GUN$ R well K00l. A hand gun, a grenade, a flick-knife and some form of automatic weapon. The closest Jay has got to any of these is on Call of Duty. I dread to see his "hate" tattoo, he will probably just carve it with a stanley knife and then get Charles Bronson to shit in the open cuts, that's how gangster he is.

What an incredibly stupid thing to do and what an awful example to set for the youf of today. Most teenagers these days are arseholes, they actually idolise people like Bothroyd, so he probably shouldn't be promoting guns, hand-grenades, knife crime and machine guns. Apparently I'm the stupid one and I just don't get the message he is putting out there. I'm just not feeling him man, you get me? This is what Jay said about his tattoo -
'The meaning is you have to fight for love. It reads 'Love' if some people can't see. More than anything it's artistic.
What a cunt.