Monday, 1 April 2013

Hamburgers all round

Is that a pun? A play on words? Whatever it is, it's fun. Hamburg were assaulted by Bayern Munich at the weekend. To say sorry to their fans, they have invited them all to a BBQ.

There is a picture of the scoreboard as proof. Apparently on April the 21st - if you really like burgers, free food, your're homeless or whatever- you can show up at Hamburg's training ground and you will get a delicious burger, perhaps a Robinsons fruit and barley, and all this lavishness will be covered by the players.

Aberdeen have been shit my entire life and never have they offered such a gesture. Even when we lost 9-0 to Celtic and became a laughing stock around the world, Aberdeen were like, "what did you expect? we are Aberdeen lol". I'd happily take a free Pittodrie pie, fuck knows how many animals are in there but they are delicious.

Apparently the players got together and decided a BBQ was a better idea than simply giving the fans their money back, because they wanted to hear the fans opinions and thoughts. Imagine being able to tell your shite players that they are shite, to their face, and get a free burger? Germany is fucking great.