Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Gervinho and the Nazi salute

It occurred to me the other day that Gervinho's goal celebration is very similar to one that a lovely bunch of people called Nazis used to use.  They didn't use it as a goal celebration though, to be clear.  Or maybe they did?  Maybe..... we should ask Gervinho! dun dun dunnnnnn

I'm not really sure why no-one's really picked up on this yet, but I'm pretty sure that when he scores he does that salute thing Mr Hitler used to do.  Maybe it's because he's from Africa and thus not really linked to the less ethnically diverse ideals of Adolf's army, but I'm still not sure it's OK

There's one example and here's another that blogger won't let me link to for some reason.  He might not realise the relevance of what he's doing but as far as I'm aware they do have books and televisions in the Ivory Coast and that Hitler dude was pretty famous.  Like probably even more so than Jenna Jameson, but probably not as much as Justin Bieber.  He's not even the first Arsenal player to do it

So does Gervinho just really love white power?  Scholars maintain that we may never know.  What is pretty certain is that he just wants to have his own little cool thing so that when he scores on FIFA he does that celebration.  Football is only a little bit away from having full on wrestling introductions for substitutes so any way to make yourself look a bit cooler is good.  Until fireworks are allowed pitch side for when you score a goal, paying homage to evil dictators is all we have left.  Why only the other day Javier Hernandez paid tribute to his idol Genghis Khan by raping most of Asia after a header at the back post.