Monday, 8 April 2013

Di Canio wants super humans

Paolo Di Canio has demanded that his players either shape up or ship out, because I think that's the kind of thing an army guy would say in a movie if the new recruits were unfit.

As we learned recently, Paolo Di Canio might like fascism quite a lot and that gives him a bit of a uniquely frightening edge over other managers who only like things like multi-culturalism and a non corrupt union.  They're so gay.  Di Canio on the other hand wants his players to get fit:
"It is a short time but we are capable of building their strength, resistance and most importantly their attention, because the goals came from mistakes."
Di Canio continued: "It is not the fittest team in the world but we are going to work and give them more energy in the next few days and weeks."
Clearly the solution here is to give them lots of drugs and get them all pumped up like they do to horses.  They do do that to horses don't they?  Although if he starts treating his players like horses then he'll have to put them down if one of them breaks a leg.  Hmmm maybe that's a bad idea actually.  I don't know about you but I never want to have to shoot another person in the head ever again.