Thursday, 18 April 2013

David Luiz can hit a ball

David Luiz decided to punt the ball from 30 yards last night and whaddya know it went into the goal.

I always find it strange when I go back to playing 11 a side games in real life because you totally forget how big the pitch actually is.  It's fucking huge.  I genuinely don't think I could kick a ball that far, let alone give it another power to have it beat a professional goalkeeper along the way so David Luiz is obviously better at the game than me.  I also noticed that I'm really bored most of the time I play 11 a side because no-one passes the ball, and then when I do get it I tend to lose the ball because I'm shit.  I think what we've learned here today is that at the age of 27, I'm probably not going to make it as a pro.  I've just got to accept that at some point