Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Craig Bellamy is happy crying

Angry Welsh muscle dwarf, Craig Bellamy has shed tears of joy after his home town club Cardiff secured promotion to the Premier League for the first time ever.

The forward told the BBC:

"You probably won't be able to re-create this or get better than this, so I wanted to soak it up and enjoy every second of it.
"We're going to be in the Premier League. What this is going to do next year to the club, to the city, it's just going to be phenomenal. It's just immense."
It truly is a great achievement. A small Welsh club competing at the highest level of football with only a complete abandonment of club history and the acceptance of millions and millions of pounds from a foreign investor to attribute the success to. Oh and also "team spirit". Can you buy that? Only time will tell. To my knowledge there's only one thing money can't buy, and that's the silence of the witnesses on my upcoming murder trial. What kind of fool turns down £10? For FREE