Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Chris Samba is all like 'get over it man'

Chris Samba has told his fans to fuck off and stop going on about how much money he earns.  It's not his fault he's overpaid you bellends.

The QPR defender was at fault for at least two of the goals his team conceded against Fulham the other night and got annoyed at people having a go at him on Twitter:
Tell me what is a £100k performance? See everyone talking about mistakes, like footballers cannot have an off day on the pitch. We are human like all of you. Grow up some of you, please
He makes a valid point because he is human and humans do make mistakes.  Then again, fuck him because he gets paid a lot of money to not play football like the guy you only asked along to 5 a side to fill up the numbers.  That guy is me and I would like some more money please