Friday, 26 April 2013

Chelsea want money for Mutu

Adrian Mutu was a pretty good player back in the day and he celebrated this by doing lots of drugs.  Unfortunately for Chelsea, this is bad and so they terminated his contract and he just.... started playing.... for someone else?  Wait, that doesn't seem right

A Swiss court ordered the Romanian striker to pay about £14million to Chelsea after his dismissal but he just hasn't done that, and apparently that's a thing now.  Chelsea originally signed him for £15million so they kinda didn't just want to lose all that money because he had a bit of cocaine, and that's why they're now planning to sue Juventus to get some of that delicious £££ back but for some reason Juve aren't really happy about that.

So to sum up, Adrian Mutu did lots of coke, got 7 months off work, didn't bother paying any of the fines he was supposed to and now someone else has to pay it instead of him.  What a champion.  Kids: Crime never pays!  Unless you're a footballer and then it pays really well.  Or if you're a drug dealer.  It also pays really well then.  I knew I should have studied drug dealing at Uni.  I've wasted my life!