Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Chelsea don't know who the Chelsea manager will be

Chelsea have announced that they haven't actually started looking for a replacement for Rafa Benitez yet but I find this confusing for two reasons.  First of all, they definitely have, and secondly it's Jose Mourinho.  Do they not read the internet?  Jeez

I was just going to use that photo as it was but there was just something crying out to have cocks drawn all over it.  Anyway Jose Mourinho apparently wants £12million a year to go back to Chelsea after he's won the Champions League with Real Madrid and since no-one else really wants to be the manager there, ol' Abramovich probably doesn't have much other choice if he wants someone good.  Taking that job unless you're Jose Mourinho is like telling your girlfriend how many other people you've had sex with before her.  Absolutely no good can ever come from it.  No matter how low her number is, the instant thing you think of is this

It's just bad if she asks you that question.  Especially if it's 0 like me because that's just embarrassing.  WAIT I mean 100.  100 super models.

So yeh avoid that question, is my advice to everyone.