Thursday, 18 April 2013

Cesc Fabregas is a Dad

I missed this one, but everyone's favourite midfielder, Cesc Fabregas, is now a Dad after his girlfriend gave birth to a human child.

I just found out that Cesc is 25 years old and his girlfriend/partner/wife/whatever is 37.  That's a fair age difference when you think about it, and if you imagine it the other way round you're like 'aw man that's cool, well done'.  Now I'm just like, 'well she better be smoking hot cos otherwise this is going to end badly'

I think Pique got the better deal here tbf but then again he is banging Shakira so it's not as if there was ever a contest.  Her vagina could be venomous and I'd still climb a haunted mountain and punch a thousand wolves to death with my bare hands on the way in order to have sex with her.  This is another of the things that I'm not sure I should keep putting on my CV in the 'interests' section.

So anyway Cesc has a daughter now - congratulations to you, sir!