Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Carlos Tevez is community service

Carlos Tevez pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified today after failing to reply to letters about speeding.  Luckily for us the maniac is off the roads for six months but how long will he spend in jail?!!! 0

The Manchester City forward was sentenced to do 250 hours of community service which I think is about 6 weeks.  Fuck that, if I were him I'd just pay for someone who looks like me to do it for me while I go out and play golf or whatever it is he does.  The reason he's banned from driving is that he hasn't passed his theory test since it's in English and he can't really read it, so he doesn't understand the real and deeper meaning behind the road signs.  I can kinda understand how important that is because I have an arts degree.  See that stop sign?  It's really about women's rights.  And that traffic light?  Well that's a penis, sir.

I can't believe this monster was allowed to drive for so long