Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Brighton don't like homophobes

Brighton is famous for seagulls, scissoring and men fisting each other, so it's little surprise that the football club has experienced some rather unsuitable abuse this season.  Now they've reported it!  Take that jerks!

Brighton is a lovely little place with bright coloured shops that sell weird things no-one really needs, Chris Samba could do well there actually, but that doesn't mean the football fans will tolerate abuse.  The supporters club and the gay football supporters network has submitted a report to the FA detailing the homophobic abuse travelling fans have hurled.
The report says chants range from "does your boyfriend know you're here", to "you're just a town full of faggots
I don't know about you, but I honestly find that hilarious.  The boyfriend one, I mean.  The only people it can possibly offend are the ones who think being gay is a bad thing, so everyone wins here.  The faggot one is kinda lame because the word faggot has changed from meaning a gay dude, to just meaning that you're.... well... being a faggot.  See South Park as an example.  Also it's meant to cause offence, which isn't good.

However, as someone with a rather large amount of gay friends I feel like I'm allowed to find that funny, just like how white comedians in New York are allowed to drop N bombs without appearing racist.  Every time I do it my Mum just tells me off.  She's not even black, I just like calling her that.