Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bratwurst and beer>>>>>>>>>Tapas and sangria

Take that Spain! I've nothing against Spain or Spanish people, but it's really funny to see Barcelona and then Real Madrid getting a good old-fashioned thrashing like my Dad used to give me. I wonder if they will cry like I did?

Mourinho probably felt like this was his year, because he always feels like it's his year. Germany said, fick dich! And powered home to a 4-0 win. All goals were scored by Robert Lewandowski who apparently is joining his goat friend at Bayern Munich, which is a little bit disgusting. If Lewandowski  and Gotye are both joining Bayern Munich this summer, they didn't let it affect their performance tonight - Goats setting up the first goal with a lovely cross. Things could get a bit awkward next season if Dortmund win the final. It would be like your new boss finding out you once had sex with his daughter, "that whole having sex with your daughter last year thing, we're still cool right?". Ronaldo scored for Real Madrid because he does that.

It would be wrong to count out Madrid just yet, remember Djimi Traore has a Champions League winner medal - thus making anything in football seem possible. The fact that the final is being held in Wembley also breathes hope into Barcelona and Real, the Germans historically struggle to make it across the English Channel.