Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Being offside is racist, say Malaga

Malaga got chucked out of the Champions League on Tuesday after Borussia Dortmund scored two late goals and beat them.  The Malaga owner is angry because this is racist.

That dude there with the sunglasses is the man in charge, and he bought the Spanish club with all the money he made working hard as a 'being born into the Qatari Royal Family'.  I never see that job on LinkedIn.  Speaking of social networks, he tweeted this:
"I'm sorry to go out this way, injustice and racism."
So the first Malaga goal they scored was offside and that's fine because it's his team, but then those racist Dortmund players or referees scored an offside goal too and now it's an injustice.  I don't actually know who he's blaming of racism, or who it's against in particular, so I don't really understand his point.  Then again, earlier today my printer was really racist when it got a printer jam