Thursday, 18 April 2013

Bebe doesn't take life seriously

Remember Bebe? The homeless guy that somehow ended up playing for Manchester United? He's hoping to return to Manchester, but after a recent interview, he probably won't.

Apparently when he was asked if he wanted to play for United, he thought it was a joke. When he arrived, the first thing Alex Ferguson said was that he looked like a tramp and needed a haircut. With his new skinhead, he hoped to impress the boss - it didn't really work as Fergie now didn't recognise him and thought some hobo had sneaked into training.

Without the ability to speak English, having an angry, red-nosed Glaswegian shouting at him didn't really help him settle in. He said he couldn't understand a word Sir Alex said and relied on Anderson, Evra and Nani to help translate. According to Bebe, Ferguson hates Nani because he will never be as good as Cristiano Ronaldo. Everyone else hates Nani because well, he is Nani.

Bebe also admits that he never took life or training seriously while at United, but still hopes to return. To date he has never started a game in the Premier League and almost certainly never will. I kind of forgot about Bebe. Definitely nothing suspicious about a complete nobody signing for Manchester United for £7.4m - nope, nothing strange about that whatsoever. Alex Ferguson signing a player he has never seen play, for £7.4m, who plays in the lower Portuguese league, what's weird about that? Who's his agent? Jorge Mendes? And?