Friday, 26 April 2013

Bastian Schweinsteiger's girlfriend is hot

Pep Guardiola has begun assembling his sexy house of football at Bayern Munich with the signing of Mario Gotze and no-one is safe!  Not even Arjen Robben who is on the transfer list, apparently

I just looked at that picture and flipped a table over with the strength of my boner.  Good old Bastian Schweinsteiger will be sticking around because he's very important but selfish balding Robben has been told he will shipping out.  Robben's a great player but the problem is that he knows it and so when presented with any number of opportunities to do anything other than shoot, he will always choose shoot.  He's like that guy in 5 a sides who

Oh my god i fucking hate websites that start playing press conference videos on their own.  No one in the world wants to watch that so why do YOU KEEP FUCKING POPPING UP

Uhhhhhhh baby

So anyway he's like that guy in 5 a sides who doesn't understand that you can pass the ball backwards and instead runs into the corner of the pitch like a fucking moth trying to escape through a closed window.  Even though the window is open next to it.  This is barely even an analogy, I'm describing almost literally his thought process while playing football.  He looks a bit like a moth too.

Bayern have also announced that they definitely totally don't have any sort of deal lined up with Dortmund for Lewandowski, but they did this at a press conference while giggling because he's definitely going.

So that's all my news about Bayern Munich today.  See you later