Sunday, 7 April 2013

Balotelli likes a cigarette

Mario Balotelli is enjoying life in Milan. He's scoring goals and actually looking like he gives a shit, however it's good to know he's still a punk and regularly getting into trouble. This time he was busted smoking in a train toilet, which is definitely illegal.

Unfortunately no matter how bad the health defects are, people will always smoke because it looks cool. Balotelli was onboard a train to Florence to play Fiorentina, when an onboard guard from the 1950s found him -
"You need to pull his ears. He was smoking in the bathroom"
Milan President Galliani has said that Mario will be fined. He won't care, this is the man that drove around with about £10k in his passenger seat, just because he can. I get the feeling Balotelli is going to retire soon, in ten years time he is going to go down in a blaze of glory, prostitutes, mountains of cocaine and a machine gun. He'll finally get his revenge on the cockroaches from the tabloids, before being shot multiple times and falling into a fountain. Basically the final scene of Scarface but with more cigarettes and a football.