Friday, 26 April 2013

AVB wants to stay at Spurs

Now that Real Madrid are pretty fucked Champions League style, Jose Mourinho isn't especially popular and that's why he's going to leave.  The current favourite to replace him is my hero, Andre Villas-Boas

AVB is basically playing FM13 in real life with this current Spurs team, it looks pretty fun.  As long as GBale doesn't leave and he signs some of the superstar youth players like Cherno Samba winning the league will be a piece of piss in about three years.  And I would know this because sometimes when I play Champ Manager I don't get fired.

AVB is sacked rap

AVB is the Spurs manager rap

The Portuguese manager has admitted that he's flattered by interest from Real Madrid but that he's completely committed to his current role.  It's a bit like when you find out the hot girl at work wants to bang you but you have to stick with your girlfriend even though she's never going to win the league.  Also I'm really bored of her tits.