Sunday, 3 March 2013


There are a few things in life that can always be relied on - women will find me attractive, cheeseburgers will be delicious, and the world cup happens ever 4 years in the Summer.  NOT ANY MORE BABES

Because humans are so weak and pathetic, some "doctors" believe the harsh Qatar sun might kill them if the World Cup was held during their Summer, and so that is why FIFA think a Winter World Cup might be a good solution.  If players die during a game it looks bad, and the ghost of Muamba has agreed with medical professionals that moving the World Cup to a time of the year that doesn't have normal temperatures of 50 degrees centigrade might be a good idea.  Kind of like how not letting racists in to your house for a family meal with your black girlfriend is a good idea.  In their defence, my parents just hate black people