Friday, 22 March 2013

West Ham get a new stadium

West Ham United got some good news today as the government announced it would plow about £25million of investment into the Olympic stadium to make it a football stadium.  Somehow that means West Ham get it   wat

Adapting the stadium could cost something like £150million and I'm sort of confused because isn't this thing quite new?  Why couldn't they build the fucking thing so they could easily just change it later?  They didn't even put a roof on it, so now a team has to go in and completely change the building so that seats are removed and it has a ceiling thing

This whole thing seems pretty hard work and now is the time that I quote someone with something to do with this story.  David Gold should do, since he owns the club:
We will only go there if it is fit for use. I won't go there if I have to look over a running track. But I believe we are in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Let's face it - they've built a stadium, albeit the wrong shape and size
If you take away the sentence 'lets face it - they've built a stadium' you'll have a copy of my exact internal monologue from when that stripper invited me back to her house last week