Saturday, 2 March 2013

We have a new writer

Hello friends.  Let me tell you a story:  for most of the last 6 months I've pretty much been writing the site on my own and it's pretty difficult to constantly create gold.  Or any....  so I thought "hmmm should I maybe stop this?" and then I thought NO, my audience loves me too much for me to let them down and besides, I desperately need the attention.

Jack's been pretty busy with his real life job but you may have noticed he doesn't really post that much anyway, so I thought 'man it would be nice if someone else could help out'.  And then we got him.  A master of tactical analysis, it's exactly what FitbaThatba needs - all of you hipster fannies may hang out on Zonal Marking but now you don't need to.  Now you can LEARN

So anyway, again, thank you very much for visiting the site so often.  There are quite a lot of you (we're about 60,000+ views a month) and all the mail/tweets/facebooks you send are read and are very much appreciated.  I'm going to try and do some new stuff in the next few months cos we've pretty much been doing the same thing for two years now.................. yep.....

But that's why the posts have been pretty lazy during February.  I promise I'll make a video soon.  Maybe.

Anyway, welcome our new writer, whose name is Iain.  He is also Scottish, and like I said, a Tactical Master.

Peace out mother hubbards,