Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tony Gubba is not alive anymore

Legend of ISS98 commentary, Tony Gubba, has died after being ill.  I really hope his last words were something like 'That has got to be penalty' since that's all he ever seemed to say on my N64.  We're in the pre game menu, chill out.

I'm going to put an actual picture of him up because I find it strange when you see what a commentator's face actually looks like.  It's like when you find out what actually goes inside a scotch pie.

I like to feel that Tony Gubba is one of my parents in a way, because I spent far more time listening to him to talk to me than either of my real parents during my teenage years.  Now they're all dead.  Except my parents!  So how am I ever going to afford a house?  This has benefited no-one!