Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Should Nani have been sent off?

You may have heard that Man United played Real Madrid last night.  I don't want to ruin the score for you incase you've Sky +d it, but the score was 2-1.  NANI WAS SENT OFF!!!!

Some people are very undecided as to whether Nani's evil karate assault at Real Madrid's Arbeloa deserved a red card, because absolutely no-one in the world other than the referee saw it coming but when you think about how high his leg actually was..... well all I'm saying is that he could probably have killed someone.  If I did that on the street right now, I'd probably be sent off.

At no point in my professional playing career have I ever tried to control a ball with my foot higher than my own head and this is why the argument that 'UHHH WELL HE DIDN'T SEE HIM COMING' doesn't really mean anything.  Oh sure so I'll just always control a football with my studs heading towards your face then.  OH IM SORRY I DIDN'T SEE YOU THERE IN THE BREAD AISLE OF TESCO

Arguably Diego Lopez could have been similarly dismissed for punching Nemanja Vidic very hard in the head, as that is also probably dangerous play, but let us not be distracted from the fact that when Man United lose at the expense of a refereeing decision, it is ALWAYS funny.

It also turns out that Roy Keane is the biggest internet troll of all time:
"I think the referee has actually made the right call. Everyone's upset about it and it's slightly unlucky, but it's dangerous play. Whether he meant it or not is irrelevant. It's dangerous play - it's a red card. You have to be aware of other players on the pitch. Does he think he's going to have 20 yards to himself? 
You should have seen the internet after that.  It was basically on fire.

So in conclusion - should Nani have been sent off?  Yes.  Or Maybe.  But he was sent off so it doesn't matter really.  HAH AH AAH AH AH AHA