Monday, 25 March 2013

Scotland are terrible

I'm a bit late with this, but instead of doing any work on this site over the weekend I decided to get drunk instead and have some fun.  A lot like the Scotland team, who were terrible against Wales.

Sort of but not really hot, singer-songwriter Amy McDonald gave us all a hint of what was to come by trying to get really emotional for one line of the national anthem, and then completely forgetting the words to the next bit.  It was really funny and equally as shambolic as what followed.  You can watch her national anthem attempt on our facebook page.  It's funny.

Wales pressed Scotland into their own penalty box for the first half an hour, somehow managing not to score, until Grant Hanley managed to header a ball into the Wales net.  I can't find any photos of this guy where he doesn't look he has brain damage

After using his retard strength to give Scotland the lead, Robert Snodgrass made sure that he did his very best to get sent off by doing one of those slide tackles you don't need to make in FIFA and then the ball just floats in the box and suddenly it's a penalty and you're like 'say whaaaaaaat' and then they show the replay and you think 'SNODGRASS YOU USELESS CUNT'.  Then he gets sent off and you stop playing FIFA because it's a stupid game that cheats you.

Then Wales scored 2 goals.  The end.