Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ronaldo loves Palestine maybe

If there's one thing footballers should always do it's get involved in international politics and that's why Cristiano Ronaldo has been trying to free Palestine by not swapping shirts with Israel players.

That is photoshopped btw.  I know you probably figured that out but just incase you hadn't I thought I'd make it more obvious.

Anyway, the Real Madrid forward auctioned off one of his boots the other day to raise money for children of Palestine and after the Portugal v Israel game the other night, he refused to swap shirts with an opposition player.  SCANDAL!

It could have been because he wanted to keep his lovely shirt but really it is because he wants to rid the world of evil!  Everytime I try and learn about this whole Israel/Palestine thing I get bored and don't really understand it anyway so I'm just going to assume that Israel is bad.  I feel like this is the safest way to look cool amongst my peers and I use the same method for my beliefs on controversial subjects every day.

Also if you think about things like political ideologies in a good vs bad way, it makes the Israel situation seem a lot like an episode of Power Rangers and hopefully that way some giant robot dinosaurs will appear and blow everything up.  It's what Palestine have been fighting for this whole time.