Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Ramos loves Torres

Sergio Ramos really likes Torres, I mean he "like" likes him, look 

This is from Sergio's Twitter, where he wished Fernando a happy birthday and gave him a kiss. He did not take photos of the reach around he gave him, but there are rumours of a video. Fernando I'm sure will be delighted because in some ways this makes up for him not being called up to the Spanish national team. In other ways it doesn't at all, and it's just a picture of Sergio Ramos kissing his poster - which is a bit weird. 

Torres is 29, so we should probably just give up hoping he will become good again. Michael Owen tried that for years and look where it landed him - Stoke. Even worse, on the bench at Stoke. The only thing worse than being on the bench at Stoke, is being forced at gunpoint to watch Michael Owen's soccer skills by Michael Owen - whilst he talks about darts.