Saturday, 2 March 2013

QPR have a 'stag party' during training week

QPR players take relegation very seriously and that's why they all got very pissed while on a holiday in Dubai

Last month Harry Redknapp took his side of overpaid cunts on a training holiday and now the Daily Mirror has discovered that what actually happened was they all got very, very hammered.  One player told the newspaper:
“We had all day to ourselves. That meant shopping, the pool, nightclubs. We were on holiday, it was just a party.
“Some of the bar bills were enormous, huge, in the tens of thousands of pounds for one night.
“Two or three players couldn’t train the next day. It was that bad.
Redknapp stayed in a separate hotel with his wife so didn't actually know what was going on, but there were reprimands for some of the misbehaving players after.  They were told "oh you shouldn't have done that" and then they learned their lesson.  And now they will be relegated.  So remember kids, crime doesn't pay!  Unless you're good at it, in which case it pays very well and is way more fun than doing real work.