Friday, 8 March 2013

QPR are poor but still rich

QPR are really good at money and that is why it made a loss of £22million last year and its wage bill is higher than a mountain on top of a ladder

Tony Fernandes is the man behind part of this nutcase spending and I'd say he was mental but he's managed to build somewhat of an empire from other businesses so he must know something.  I bet he even buys the real branded cereal because he can afford it.  He said:
"A critical driver of any club's value is its presence in the Premier League and the club achieved its key objective for the 2011-12 season by successfully securing its Premier League status.
"The financial results reflect the club's focus on on-pitch success."
So when you put it like that, relegation is quite appropriate when you spend anything above a tenner on Shaun Wright-Phillips.  I wouldn't even hire him to do work around the house unless it was behind a crack in the wall that you'd have to contort your body around like a squid to access it.  And by the way, that's a much better way of investigating what the noise through the wall is instead of just making a hole with a hammer because then it turns out that through the wall is another flat where other people live.  And boy were they rude about it too.