Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Qatari Royal Family might make new Champions League

As we all know, everyone that lives in Qatar is a millionaire and this is why the royal family, who are the most super rich, want to reinvent football and make a new Champions League.  One that's even more expensive!  Or maybe they don't

Money wins prizes and money will be the prize if the world's most elite clubs agree to join in with the tournament which is set to take place every two years in Qatar and surrounding gulf countries.  Not to be confused with golf countries, like Golf-land.  Which might exist.  Or maybe none of this exists because apparently Oliver Kay (the journalist who broke this story) might have gotten his sources from a spoof French article. Yahoo reported that:
[T]he French article say[s]: “I swear it’s come entirely out of my imagination. I don’t have a source.”
And then Oliver Kay was like
1) Cahiers du Football was absolutely not the source of my story -- 100 per cent, 1,000 per cent, 175 million per cent. I have copious amounts of handwritten notes, as well as e-mails and texts, that would confirm this. 
Ha!  See?  You trust all these journalists when actually it is people like me who make up all of the rumours you so love.  Do you remember that one about Man United trying to sign Ogbonna?  I MADE IT UP!  Ha ha ha.  Or do you remember the one about how my girlfriend was really a man?  NOT TRUE! Haha ha haha

Well I'm like 98% sure anyway