Thursday, 28 March 2013

Paul Ince wants some safety

Paul Ince has decided that managers aren't getting a fair deal when it comes to being fired for being terrible, and has called for a transfer window for managers to be installed post-haste!

The current Blackpool boss was famously binned by Blackburn Rovers after failing to make them win stuff.  He feels that this just isn't fair, dammit!
There needs to be some legislation where there's protection for managers," added the former England captain. "It needs to work both ways - not just for managers to get sacked, but for managers who want to leave.
"You look at Michael Appleton - he's a young English manager coming into the game. To lose your job after 67 days is ridiculous. We're not getting any time.
"We've got St George's Park and this great training facility, which are all about bringing young English coaches through, but where's the protection for them if they're getting sacked after 67 days?"
Well I dunno Paul but that's why you don't take the job at Blackburn Rovers when there's a bunch of dudes who murder birds for a living in charge.  Harold Shipman would have been a better chairman.  Or something