Monday, 25 March 2013

Mourinho is going back to Chelsea

Jose Mourinho has been dropping mad riddles everywhere about what his next management job will be and it turns out that it's Chelsea again.

The current Real Madrid boss is not very popular with fans of the club because Real are about 90 points behind Barcelona and in danger of finishing third in La Liga.  For a league with only two teams, this is quite an achievement but that doesn't mean Mourinho isn't still super cool and powerful.  He said:
"It's not easy to find a new destination. It could be a destination where I've coached before. There are things that may be about to happen no-one could imagine."
In a way, management is a lot like people trying to have sex.  Sure, you could go out and meet some new people, do a bit of flirting, go on dates and then bang them but that's really time consuming and besides, you already have a kebab in one hand and your ex's sister's number dialled on your phone. It's not even really a decision you have to make