Monday, 25 March 2013

Montenegro have a plan

Montenegro are going to try and beat England tomorrow night in a world cup qualifier.  Their plan is to annoy Wayne Rooney and that may sound simple, but it also sounds delicious

The last time Rooney played against Montenegro he got so angry about nothing that he kicked someone, was sent off and then missed the first two games of the Euro 2012 games.  Remember when he wrote that letter?

Ahhhh the days when I made things that went viral.  Whatever happened to that promise and talent that I once showed?  I'm not sure but it appears not to be working very well anymore, a little bit like England and Wayne Rooney.  DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE rooney is very easy to annoy because he has the brain of a baboon, the head of a baboon and the body...... of a fat guy who has eaten a baboon.

The greatest achievement of Wayne Rooney's career won't be winning the Champs League or Premier League titles - oh no.  If he doesn't end up orbiting our solar system as his body finally gives in to the temptation of Greggs and the lack of a professional athlete's exercise program, that will be the true success story.

Here's what would happen if you kicked Joey Barton

I think England will win by 2 goals