Sunday, 10 March 2013

Leave Rooney alone!

Not sure I actually remember how to write. Where do commas go? Fergie likes to shout at people, today he is shouting at the FA.

Alex Ferguson has spoken, sweated and spat out about the evil press saying big Wazza is going to leave Manchester United. Now he's attacking the Football Association. Apparently Wayne is too trusting and is forced into doing things for England. Things like play football and stand in front of Umbro signs for £1million - oh the humanity!

Rooney will not be sold, he's not been playing shit and he get's punished more than any other England player. Alex Ferguson does enjoy a lie now and again. It does look like he's turned back into fat Rooney and apparently he will be offered a new contract with a big fat pay cut. I imagine it will be around £100k a week, how does one possibly live on such measly numbers?

Sir Alex says that Wayne is still the best English striker and will get twenty goals again this season. Which says more about the state of England's strikers than it does for Wayne Rooney. Who are his rivals? Ricky Lambert and Grant Holt? Aren't they bus drivers?