Friday, 8 March 2013

Juventus did the Harlem Shake

Juventus posted their Harlem Shake video today, only about 3 weeks after it stopped being a thing.  In internet terms that's like if the kid from Charlie Bit Me was pregnant WAT

You know what happens but this time there are footballers for Juventus in there so it's different!  I think I'm finally done with The Harlem Shake and I expect Baauer is also pretty bored.  I saw an interview with him where he was all "oh it's so exciting to see people go crazy for my music" but I remember when Channel 4 news played Owen Hargreaves likes Fruit Pastilles so I can kinda relate.  Man I am so sick of all these girls constantly messaging me on the side of porn sites - I know you're horny but I don't live in Arbroath.  Just chill out