Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Grasshopper fans watch match from a jacuzzi on the pitch

Some avid fans of Swiss team 'Grasshoppers' watched a match in style this weekend, by enjoying it from the comforts of a hot tube while drinking champagne.

The two fans won a competition organised by the team's sponsor and were able to enjoy a pitch side view of the game that their team won 3-1.  After the players scored they came over and high fived them, which is probably nice and also probably a nice distraction that two guys sitting almost naked in a jacuzzi in front of a stadium audience together is about the gayest thing I've seen since UFC.  It's 2013 guys - if you want to bang dudes you don't have to dress up like a Street Fighter and hump each other in front of wrestling fans anymore.  Or maybe you do.  I don't really know how gay guys flirt to be honest