Friday, 22 March 2013

Fernando Torres to Spurs?

Fernando Torres might be terrible at football now but don't let that stop you from thinking he's terrible at football!  Reputation is everything, and that's what Tottenham Hotspurs intend to buy in the Summer! .Juicy

The Chelsea player has famously failed to recapture any of the form that made Roman Abramovich spend £50million on him and it's a real shame.  I think deep down we all want Fernando to be good again because it's not even funny to watch how depressed he looks on a football pitch these days.  He even shaved his head incase that somehow helped but it hasn't.  Luckily for him, genius tactician AVB has spied some potential in those there Spanish legs

Abramovich must be really pissed off.  £50million?  Imagine how many tits you could see for that.  According to what most girls tell me probably about 10.  Wow rich people must have such a fun life