Saturday, 30 March 2013

England fans are in trouble for racism

Do you remember last week when all those boring international matches were on?  Some England fans sang a song about burning both of the Ferdinand's on a bonfire and that is racist because they are black

Some have argued that this charming ditty is racist, others are unsure.  Let's see what you think:
Build a bonfire, build a bonfire 
Put Rio on the top
Put Anton in the middle 
Then burn the f****** lot
Now I'm no scientist but I have detected subtle undertones of racism here.  Had the song been about some white guy like  Stewart Downing people would just be like "oh that's just a lovely song about burning another human to death - what japes ho ho ho" but because Anton had that whole 'JT is racist' court case, the whole thing takes an unpleasant subtext.  Had the song been about burning Frank Lampard then it would have been a nice song, because it would be about how he could power a small village for several years.

Because he's so fat.