Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Edgar Davids is a hero

Glasses wearer of the year 1998, Edgar Davids, is currently the hero of Barnet fans everywhere, especially those from Barnet who journeyed to their team's recent game at Accrington Stanley.

The player-manager was just minding his own business in the team bus when he noticed helpless Barnet fans had broken down on the hard shoulder of the M6.  Davids knew then that he was the only man who could save them.

Bravely he ordered the Barnet team coach to drop the players off at a nearby service station and return to rescue the traveling fans, who he bought coffees for.  One guy said:
The coach is warm and very, very plush. It takes us to the services where the players have been treating their bodies like temples at Burger King and sampling the other limited delights of a northern service station.
It's good to know that professional players, even if they are lower league ones, also eat regular human food like Burger King, even though Burger King is fucking disgusting.  I get the impression that if Ronaldo were to try and ingest a whopper it'd make him explode.

That's what she said.