Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Blackburn are still insane

Blackburn Rovers fired manager Michael Appleton today after his performances since January, WHEN HE JOINED, turned out to not be good enough for them.

These guys are the ones in charge of Blackburn Rovers, and if you haven't spent all of your money betting on Cheltenham you could probably spare some to send to Rovers fans to make them feel happier.  Appleton managed 15 games in charge before he got binned and even important BBC journalists like Phil McNulty think it's strange

All that has done, however, is remind me that McNulty is also a character in the Wire and that I haven't watched that show since Season 2 but that I don't really care.  And if you think about how little you care about how much of The Wire I've seen, multiply that by 90 million and that's how much I care about Blackburn Rovers